Designing living system for Public Places -

City for Interaction Research

This workshop is the result of an on-going research for public art making and for creating transient performance in public spaces. 

In this workshop participants will be asked to use simple found materials or build something specifically for the city's public places that will engender and influence conversations and a physical reaction between the passerby and the projects.

Interaction design is about audience engagement and the street is perfect place to explore systems for building and testing engagement.

The projects can be a street performance, objects with or without electricity, but the main goal is that they are inviting participation from strangers.

As a class we will research how interactive projects can extend it into something more poetic and whimsical in public space, and what a more analog and unplugged performance art practice can help teach us about our own medium.

This workshop was first taught at ITP / NYU summer 2016. It was designed as a four-hour long workshop for graduate level students. Link here