Molmol Kuo is a Taiwanese artists, educator, and researcher based in New York.

She spends most of her time working with machines and computers. She builds uniques device for unique problems and makes curious things with electricity. She creates tools that help her tell stories about people, cities, sometimes even objects.  And she aims to put smiles on people’s faces. 

She works out of a studio space shared with a group of artists and enjoys to be up in the mix.  Her greatest inspirations come from the hearts of some of her dearest rule-bending friends, whom very often mis-use and re-appropriate technology in order to create new tools for creative expressions and reimagine our presence in our society. 

Molmol is an artist in residence at Google Art and Culture Institute(2018) and Adobe (2017 November to March 2018), working primarily on creative applications around Augmented Reality. She is a Media Fellow at the Bric Media Center to produce content for the Brooklyn Free Speech Program. Her art and work is featured on National Geographic’s Tech + Art: Obscuring Reality, Vice Media's creator Project, Ted Talk, and the Brooklyn Free Speech Program.

When she is not in front of a computer or a soldering station, she volunteers for the Sanctuary for Families in New York to advocate for victims of violence and sex trafficking, and she works with survivors of gender based violence to rebuild their lives beyond trauma. 

She is a partner at YesYesNo Studio which uses technology to create wonder and delight.