Weird Cuts is created by Molmol Kuo and Zach Lieberman.

Made with the support of Google Arts & Culture.

This app is made with openFrameworks and AR Core.

Robby Kraft helped with the development.

iOS download

Android download


Weird Cuts is a tool which invites users to make collages and assemblages in AR space using photography.

The app consist of two modes, cutout mode and collage mode.  In cutout mode, users are encouraged to walk around and collect a wide range of different materials via photographs which are cut into shapes.

In collage mode, users can assemble and arrange their cutouts in 3d space by moving and tapping the screen. A user may also make adjustments of the shapes while holding down their finger and moving it up, down, left or right to rotate and scale.

The output is a multi-dimensional work made from combinations of found objects and spacial improvisation.

As artists we are always fascinated by the intersection of handmade objects, code and hardware, and digging into exploring this procedure of cutting, assembling, and augmenting our space. Through the experiments we made, we started by asking how we can re-appropriate and assemble augmented objects to create news scenes?  Can AR be a creative medium for making, and not consuming? Could we leave a messages at a specific space and time for our future selves to visit and see? What are the poetics of AR ?

Our inspirations come largely from artists such as Hannah Hoch,  David Hockney, Gego (Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt), Ruth Asawa, Jean Arp, to name a few.