Atayal Sound Map Workshop at Tribe Against Machine

This workshop is a collaboration between elementary students in SianBi Village,  and the local Atayal artists in Taiwan.

See a complete documentation and a selection of images of the Atayal Sound Map workshop and critique of the Tribe Against Machine summer camp here on Medium,  a 15 minutes read.  



Tribe Against Machine was an e-textile summer camp in Taiwan. For more details see here

Community Workshops

Hour of Code-Unplugged is a workshop designed for K - 5 Public School Students.

It consists of six units of forty minutes workshops for young artist who is interested in computers and electricity.  Activities Includes conditional drawing exercises, human robots, paper circuit challenge, take apart computers and electronics. Students often worked in groups to solve problems giving in CS, and produce answers in drawings or games. 

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Youth Summer Program 

In Partnership with School of Poetic Computation

This is a two week-long day program, designed for students age 8 to 12.

Like paint or words, electronics and source code can be used as tools to create new works of art and poetry. This workshop expands students’ understanding of the artistic process by demonstrating how electronics can be integrated into art. Activities include learning the basics of electricity, incorporate drawing and code, build a handmade computer, and create an audio landscape of the BAM neighborhood with noise and sound. We encourage students to collaborate, observe interactivity, lots of physical games and activities were cooperated into the main part of the curriculum. 

Past events

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