Image by Zeina Abi Assy.

Image by Zeina Abi Assy.

Partial concept and audio interviews of this project was developed during Tribeca Film Institute's Immigration Co/Lab 2017

The Audio Walking Tour is an augmented reality research project which aims to reimagine documentary journalism, cinematic storytelling, and visualizing uncommon narratives with embodied physical experience. 

The project consists of two parts, the first part involves a selection of short audio interview stories around border crossing experiences, and the struggles to reclaim our humanity through a piece of paper wither if it resembles passport, visa, money, or the printed page. Too often experiences such as border crossing are not visible.

The second part involves body, movements, and sound in space.  

The audiences are introduced to a customized device with a screen, a camera,  and a headphone. Once the audience starts the walking tour, he or she can choose which story they would like to experience. To listen to the story, the audience will need to follow an audio-visualization of the narrative in space which is projected on the screen. The audience must navigate the real world around them while experiencing the audio stories.  

For the future of this project, we hope to interview and archive more oral stories which include local residents, workers, shops, schools, and families. we can see a more elaborate narrative being developed with the help from this residency program, either as an experimental cinematic experience in a short film format or as an art installation consist of curated walking tours in the city’s neighborhoods. 

Collaborator:  Zach Lieberman