Film Trailer 


A film by Molmol Kuo 

AR experiments by Molmol Kuo and Zach Lieberman

Additional Cinematography for Interviews:  Caroll Taveras

Additional camera: Esther Bouquet 

Music by Mani Nilchiani

Special Thanks to

Bric media; Adobe - Artist In Resident Program, 2018 ; Abdalla Hassan;  Betty Hung;  Merche Blasco; Surya Mattu; Shantell Martin; Shaun Seneviratne; Yvette King


An Alien of Extraordinary Ability is an alien classification in the US, but the feeling as an stranger sometimes exists within all of us. The filmmaker morphed into the body of an alien and asked others what their extraordinary abilities were.

Alien of Extra Ordinary Ability is an experimental short documentary film using open source software and Augmented Reality as tools for cinematic storytelling and reveal the story of four rule bending artists living and working in NYC under the current attitude shift with the US immigration policy.

upcoming Screening 

Spatial Reality at Sp [a] ce gallery; Oct 2018 l Pasadena CA USA link

San Diego Asian Film Festival; November 2018; San Diego CA USA link

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival; August 2018; Leicester VT USA  link

On Art- Poland; June-August 2018; Poland link

BRIC OPEN: Borders ; April 28, 2018 ; New York

BRIC Documentary Screening, 2017 Cohort ; April 19 2018 ; New York

Past exhibition:

Redefining Impossibilities Immersive Art Gallery ; March 2018 ; SanFrancisco

News and Reviews

Tech + Art: Obscuring Reality ; National Geographic Channel ; May 2018 Video Link

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